Current Research in Sustainable Urban Development

My published research currently focuses on the municipal, county, and metropolitan scales, and uses data from over 60 different government and private sources. I have established basic associations between multimodality and a wide variety of urban outcomes. Measures of public health include pre-mature death, life expectancy, low birthweight, obesity, and daily exercise.  Economic outcomes include racial and gender based income inequality, rents and home values, overspending on housing, wages and median household income. Quality of life measures include indicators such as the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index and Sperling’s Places Rated,  plus other measures like commute times. An entire chapter is devoted to multimodality’s impact on air quality in my book, America’s Addiction to Automobiles.

Download my research on multimodality here

I also publish research in education for sustainable development. I am interested in topics like student interest as a learning outcome, and assessing difficult course objectives like affective outcomes, and proclivities for interdisciplinarity.

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